Maintenance Programme

Saraseedorf Real Estate offers a property Management service, taking good care of your property on a yearly basis. Subscribe to this service and enjoy complete peace of mind.

For only 500€ a year you get:

  • Ventilate the property to check for any humidity and/or damage
  • Check water, electricity, gas and ensure all appliances are in working order
  • Water indoor and outdoor plants and keep the terrace tidy
  • Collect mail to leave in property or post to a preferred address
  • Key holding service
  • Switch on air conditioning/heating before you/tenant arrives and/or water heater/floor heating
  • Ensure that tenants take good care of the property should you decide to rent it out
  • Endeavour to prevent problems such as humidity and flooding that can occur after heavy winter rains
  • Fast, flexible, reliable service
  • 2 deep cleans for free
  • Visit your apartment once a month
  • Full your fridge for your tenants with a welcome package
  • Laundry service for short term rentals
  • Clean your apartment for long term rentals